Let’s get personal!

Hello hello my loves… I’m back! Well, let’s dive right in. On this post I want to get up close and personal… in short, I’ll tell you about myself and what Bella is all about. It was about time, I think!

Though she be but little, she’s fierce! That describes me best. Born in Nairobi, raised up in Migori and Kisumu I have an amazing, infectious smile and a banging body…confidence my people, afterall charity begins at home… hahaha.

I’m 5’4 ft tall, weigh 49kgs, clothes size XS/S and wear shoes size 37, (Just to give you a clear picture of my physic. Oh! and my birthday is coming up soon so in case you wanna buy me gifts in form of shoes and clothes you’re sorted. Hahaha).

My friends and family call me Bella, but on all important documents I’m Christabel Achieng Odhiambo… should change it to Munaretto as that’s my husband’s name but the process is too long #rolls eyes. Too much paper work in Germany! Phew.

I’m 25 years old, atleast for the next two months… haha, old age is slowly catching up with me. But if you think I’m still 20… I don’t mind, haha. But seriously where has time flown? I still feel 23! Is someone living my life on my behalf? Or, are the years getting shorter and shorter? Touchè!

I’m married and May 5th was our first wedding anniversary #cute face. I live in Braunschweig, Germany with my husband and have no kids yet. Maybe in the near future, who knows?

I have a bachelors Degree in Communication and Media Technology and currently learning German with an aim of joining the University for my masters degree in the same field in the next few months… God willing. I love everything Public Relations and Communications and that’s the career path I’m on. Very exciting!

I’m a third child in a family of eight kids. Well, my beloved father took God’s request to multiply and fill the world literally and seriously…hahahah, sorry daddy, pun intended!

(My dad and I, 2016)

I’m a fashion lover, music junkie and a bar/restaurant/club sampler. I enjoy travelling and seeing new places. I enjoy nature but not too much. I prefer travelling and exploring fashion stores than castles… oups! Oh and I really love fancy things without spending a fortune on them so I’m a SALE lover… yeah, I’m that girl!

I could publish an encyclopydia about myself but to sum it up and not bore you my reader, I love social media, attention, my family and friends. I’m very talkative but you’d have to interact with me more than once to confirm or experience this.

I’m very picky with food, a poor eater (since childhood), for this reason I tend to cook a lot as I enjoy my cooking best…Witty, caring, loving and too generous also describe me. I tend to be very opinionionated and always have a stand regardless of the situation. Having a stand makes life easier from my perspective.

Chillies are small but they’re hot! That’s Bella when she’s mad. Ofcourse being human means we all have flaws. I’ll leave it at that.

Thank you for taking your time to read my posts. Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them right away in the comment section. Lots of love!

Zitat: Dynamites come in small packages.