My good luck charm

I’m on a mission! A mission to find a good luck charm…Yes, and I’m serious about it!.

What’s a good luck charm? Well, anything that brings good luck your way! Could be a button, a ring, a necklace, a coin etc. In some cases even a person!  In their song “Eminado”, which means good luck charm, Nigeria’s Tiwa Savage and sings Don Jazi’s good luck charm.

Lately lady luck hasn’t been coming my way and that has really got me thinking… hard! I’m in several Facebook groups where people constantly suggest ‘Novena’ prayers for luck and solutions and I’m yet to try that out. Though, after a discussion in class last week about good luck charms, I was intrigued, hence on this mission.

The only challenge is the fact that I’m such a fickle person! In respect to clothes, shoes and jewellery, I’m not a creature of habit. Maybe… just maybe, I need several good luck charms. haha

As kids we played with lady birds and I can vaguely remember believing they brought good luck. I’ve been told that the rainbow is a sign of good luck too. Some people use padlocks, others believe that the ‘four-leaf-Clover’ too, is a sign of good luck. Well, people… led by myself are really full of  superstitions. Like Marilyn Manson said, “But what’s real, you just pick the lie you like the best”


Come to think of it… I know a few people who have good luck charms. For instance my paternal grandmother never parts with her rosary, same to my mum (we’re a Catholic family)… My mama constantly reminds me to have 3 rosaries; one for the car, one for my handbag and one in the house. Truth is, I have none, lol.

Right now I could really use some luck. Should I be successful in my quest, I’ll wear my good luck charm like a badge of honor.

Do you have or believe in good luck charms… or luck at all for that matter? If yes, does it work? If no, why not?

Feel free to indulge me in the comment section! Looking forward to reading all your insights on good luck charms!

Zitat: You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step –Martin Luther                   King.


5 thoughts on “My good luck charm

  1. Good read. Great writer.
    About the good luck charm, I rarely believe in it 🙂
    You’ll be the first to know if I happen to come acrossa good luck charm 😊
    Have a good one Bella.

    Liked by 1 person

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