Conflict of Interests (Needs and Wants)

Happy new year my lovelies. Have I been missing in action for long? Well, I was still adjusting to a couple of things… January blues!
A quick recap of events; Christmas was great and so was new years. For new years eve, I went out dancing, yeeeey! and I think I looked super good. Plus all the fireworks was just breathtaking.

Back to reality now. School resumed and is ending soon anyway. So back to early mornings. The job hunt is still on; at least I got one response from the tens of applications I had sent and still sending.  My plants are very healthy, I still enjoying cooking and love fashion. I’m still me!26073112_929345630573699_8250432635730395136_n

Ever wondered if you’re in the right place in your life? Do you sometimes question why nothing seems to work out your way? From jobs, school, relationships e.t.c. Good news! you’re not alone!

For a while now, I’ve been having trouble deciding what I want to do with my life after language school. I have options like enrolling for a masters degree, getting a job or  continueing with language school till C1 level. Truth is I need one, more than the other two. Education sounds good but it’s more complicated than I’d anticipated, because I’ll have to study in German.  Then it hits me that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. 🙂
News flash; I’m not 20 years old anymore. My needs are definitely more important than my wants. I need a job…  Reality check!

I’m not here to tell you what to do. I’ll just share my opinion which is solely from my experience.
I classify these situations into two categories; needs
Needs and Wants
∗Needs – Something you must havefor you to survive, i.e Shelter, food, basic healthcare and clothing.
∗Wants – Something you would like to have, i.e a big car, big house, expensive vacations etc.

I believe that more often than not, life gives us what we need and not what we want. And that’s totally OKAY! Ever wondered why there are only countable billionaires in a world inhibited by billions of people? It’s simple… we all can’t be billionaires. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work hard or we’re less smart, it simply means everyone isn’t born for the same purpose. Even our fingers are not the equal.


I stand corrected; but I believe life is meant to be lived, not survived. It’s totally okay to treat yourself to some wants along the way, but only when you can afford it, and enjoy these wants as the extras they are. Be grateful for what you have and work hard for what you want.

Value what you have.
⇒Many a times we overlook what we have and we may even feel deprived of the things we want because we are not able to afford them. take your time and look around you. You’re most likely to see how lucky and blessed you are with the needs that you already have. Don’t waste too much time counting the stars lest you lose the moon.

⇒Take time and reflect on all the ways you’re blessed. Then, decide whats really important to you and go after it. Many people talk about wanting to do this or that, but they never actually try to make it happen. Take the challenge and make things happen. Walk the talk!21980383_134910290576914_8140896933729271808_n

Don’t follow social media trends blindly.
Half the things you see on social media are fake. This hurts but it’s the truth. Don’t believe everything you see people posting on social media platforms or let it intimidate you into going out of your way trying to keep up, because you may end up hurting yourself. Such silly competition will lead you nowhere. Avoid tricking yourself into feeling deprived when you aren’t.  Stay true to your cause all the way and have your own definition of success. Don’t get broke trying to look rich.

Have a realistic budget plan.
Come up with a realistic plan and act on it. You can only budget with the money you earn or have at hand. Above all, remember to save, save and save, for a rainy day is on it’s

Look out for sales.
The word “SALE” is the love of my life! haha. I refer to my style as “Champagne taste on a beer budget“. In short, I have expensive taste but I shop cheap! I always know when there’s a sale in any store in Braunschweig … yes! Many people mistake me for a spendthrift, but truth is, I only shop during sales so I spend way less on like five items than I  would on one, on a normal day.
So looking out for sales is a good way to spend less and save more.IMG_20171022_185724_297

A relationship is a
I consider it so because you don’t need relationships to survive. Sure love makes everything beautiful but it’s not worth your time or breath if it’s not reciprocated. I’m no love counselor or relationship adviser, but I believe that you should never get too atached to anyone unless they feel the same towards you. Because one sided expectetions can mentally destroy you.

Lastly, the topic of Needs and wants is so broad and I could only write about it from my perspective and understanding. My parting shot is simple; if dogs are entitled to treats, who are we not to have treats? After-all, no one is leaving alive…right? Have fun as you figure out your needs and wants. Prost!

Zitat: Needs are imposed by nature. wants are sold by society – Mokokoma Mokhonoana.





4 thoughts on “Conflict of Interests (Needs and Wants)

  1. After reading your story on conflict of interest it touched me as i can relate to it. The work you are doing is amazing and truly helpful, I think the blogging world has lack of people like you. I believe in honesty and helping people you seem to have the same mindset. I have no doubt your work will be very successful and a major player in the blogging world. This piece will have a massive impact and a huge audience too….

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